Founding Year & Place 1866 ,Koonammavu
Pontificial Status in 1967
Charism Personal sanctification through the right blending of Contemplation and action, and the redemptive upliftment of the people of God, especially women and children.
Ministries Education, Healing Ministry, Faith Formation, Social Work, other Charitable Activities.
Superior General Sr. Sibi CMC
General Councillors Sr. Grace Therese, Sr. Regina Mary, Sr. Annie Davis, Sr. Lissy Augustine, Sr. Sigi Therese
Finance Officer Sr. Phincy CMC
Secretary Sr. Rositta Jose CMC
address CMC Mount Carmel Generalate, Thaikkattukara P.O., Aluva 683106.
Phone 0484-2624270



Bhadravathi, Jedikatte Shanthi Sadan 08182-246262; 9740607966
NR Pura Jyothi Bhavan 08266-220251
NR Pura Pushpa Convent 08266-220617; 220152
Sangameshwarapet Jyothirvikas 08262-252105


Founding Year & Place 1911 ,Palai
Pontificial Status in 1974
Charism Glorify the Sacred Heart of Jesus and an insatiable thirst to transmit to others the compassionate love of that Heart.
Ministries Education, Medical field, Care of the destitute, Social wefare activities, Communication Media, Ecumenism.
Superior General Sr. Thresiamma Pallikkunnel
General Councillors Sr. Innocent, Sr. Little Flaver, Sr. Mary Puthumana, Sr. Rose Maria.
Finance Officer Sr. Nirmala
Secretary Sr. Manuel
address S.H. Generalate, Manganam, Kottayam 18.
Phone 04812-578598, 04812-575327 (P)


Holehonnur SH Convent 08282235921
Hossur (Induvally) SH Convent 08184-293459; 255928
Iduvally SH Convent 08183-233461
Makkod SH Convent 08266-233117
NR Pura Alphonsa Convent 08266-230139
Shettikoppa SH Convent 08266-233025; 8197116963
Shimoga Nirmal Nivas Hostel 08182-256222
Shimoga (Hossur) SH Convent 08181-290364; 9742939669
Shimoga (Gadikoppa) SH Convent 08182-250614


Founding Year & Place 1888 ,Changanassery
Pontificial Status in 1973
Charism To attain perfect love experiencing person personally and intensely the self emptying love of the poor, humble and crucified Jesus and leading a life of constant conversion and penance, bearing witness to the Gospel.
Ministries Faith Formation, Education, Care of the Sick, Care of the Poor and Destitute, Social Work, Evangelisation and Family Apostolate.
Superior General Sr. Sinclare
General Councillors Sr. Geo Maria, Sr. Vimala, Sr. Regy Maria, Sr. Lucy Xavier, Sr. Ann Joseph and Sr. Ancil.
Finance Officer Sr. Elsa Toms
Secretary Sr. Preethi Maria
address Portiuncula, Asokapuram, Aluva 683101, Ernakulam (Dt.).
Phone 0484-2838588, 2272029.


Anavatty Lisieux Bhavan 08184-267020
Anavatty Nirmal Matha Bhavan 08184-299353
Muthinakoppa FC Convent 08266-235186
Sagar Jyothi Bhavan 08183-228939


Founding Year & Place 1969 ,Pattuvam
Pontificial Status in 2003
Charism Service to the Poor
Ministries Service to the Poor
Superior General Rev. Sr. Daniela DSS
General Councillors Sr.Vandana DSS,Sr.Prabha DSS,Sr.Paulina DSS
Finance Officer Sr.Philomina DSS
address DSS Generalate Snehaniketan Pattuvam PO Taliparamba, Kannur, 670143 Kerala,India
Phone +91 460 2220046


Chettikudige DSS Convent 08266-234045
Nagavally DSS Convent 08186-203037
Umblebylu DSS Convent 08282-252573; 9620402179


Founding Year & Place 0 ,Aluva
Superior General Rev. Sr. Grace Perumpanany SABS
address SABS Generalate, Cenacle UC College PO Aluva 683 102



Konandur Navajyothi Convent 08181-293456
Koppa SABS Convent 08265-221153
Masthikatte SABS Convent 08185-265378
Ripponpett Good Shepherd Convent 08185-242678


Founding Year & Place 0 ,Rome
Superior General Rev. Sr. Luciana Welponer
address Figlie del Sacro Cuore Via Casilina 1113 00169 Rome Italy



Bhadravathi, Moolakatte DSHJ Convent 08282-271062; 9008801364


Founding Year & Place 19 ,Chunangamvely, Aluva ,Kerala
Pontificial Status in Pontifical
Charism Call to Spread The compassionate Love of Christ
Ministries Caring for the aged and destitute, Caring for the terminally ill-AIDS and cancer patients, Rehabilitation service to the physically and mentally children, street boys etc, Family welfare services in slums and villages, De addiction and prison ministry,
Superior General Rev.Sr. Liss Grace Thekkeyil, Ayrookaran
General Councillors Sr. Cicil Jose, Sr. Pouline Therese, Sr. Francia, Sr. Tharaka, Sr. Jancitta
Finance Officer Sr. Jancitta
address Sisters Of The Destitute,Tottumugham ,Aluva,EKM,Kerala
Phone 9447725840